CRT or CP pre-RD breakfast adults only trip

We currently have a pre-RD ressie at CP for our sisters trip but I am considering switching to CRT if I could get it. Looks like they have some breakfast ADRs available just not sure what time. So let’s pretend they have an early one open, should I switch and surprise my sister?
The price range it shows for breakfast is $30-60. Anyone know where Nov. 2nd would fall in that range?
We only have one other ADR (Ohana dinner) during the trip so I want to make the right choice. I have only done CRT lunch with tired kids before.

I have not tried CRT, but I would go with that. I have done CP a few times, and while perfectly adequate, I would never, ever choose to go there without my kids. The food at CRT is, likewise, supposed to be underwhelming. So basically they are equals, and the only real differences are 1) characters and 2) atmosphere/location. On the characters point, I love the Pooh characters, so that would normally be a point in favor of CP, but on my most recent trip, I met face characters for the first time, and realized that I loved them! They are interactive, and some of them, maybe many of them, are really good actors and very funny. On the atmosphere point, all I really have to say is you’re eating in the castle.

And on the pre-RD point, I tried that at Akershus on my most recent trip and it really did not work out that well. First, you have to book it to get in line to get seated first, otherwise there is a wait just to get seated. I am guessing that most spots are similar, and you lose 10 minutes that way right off the bat. Then our waitress was slow. And the characters were in other spots. We ended up not leaving the restaurant until 9:20 after an 8:05 ADR. I felt anxious and stressed about leaving so late, which made it harder for me to relax and enjoy. You are paying big bucks for either experience, and the last thing you want is to feel rushed. I know that I am bucking the general advice on this, but I say you are better off to get to the park early, do RD, then go back for an ADR about 2 hours after park opening.

I think @Iheartepcot gives good advice. Jumping off what she said, I would assume that if you do end up doing a character breakfast, then you have decided the experience is worth missing a bit of touring time and that it is something you and your sister are excited about and will enjoy. If that is true, then I’d go with the one that gives you the most thrill of happiness. If you have a life-long love of Pooh (like me) then CP is the way to go. If eating in the castle and meeting princesses is more exciting, then it’s probably worth the extra money for the castle experience.

It seems like the time spent and food quality will be basically equal. Although you might have an opinion on buffet vs. table service. That’s something else to consider. I like buffets because I’m a control freak, but other people dislike serving themselves early in the morning. :wink:

Thank you @Iheartepcot and @SallyEppcot. Your responses gave me some things to think about. My main goal of the pre-RD breakfast is getting to walk in to a nearly empty park and take some photos. Getting a jump on the crowds for the rides is a close second but it is second. If we were going on an EMH morning then I would definitely do a late morning ADR as we have done before.

If CRT still has tax and gratuity included then, even if it is the highest end of that price range, it will be about $50 more total for us to do that instead. I have only eaten at CRT so I don’t know what CP food is like. Is it like these breakfasts: H&V, 1900 Park?

This review gives a good overview of the food.

I’m looking forward to trying the Pooh’s Puffed French Toast and the Breakfast Lasagne. :slight_smile:

I was lucky this trip, I have a pre-RD for both CP and CRT. CP breakfast is a must for any trip and it is always on my first full park day. Tradition. I love Pooh and Eeyore is my Mini-Me. Do what is best for you. If you like princess then do CRT, want to tour parks first then get one after RD. But the utmost important fact is do what you want. Eeyore and I will be meeting in just 7 days!