CRT - only open to 5:20pm on Fridays?

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Weird thing: I’m trying to book CRT for Friday, September 20th. Happened to notice that the hours on the WDW site say CRT is only open from 4pm - 5:20pm. That seems really odd. But then I started checking previous Fridays (Sept 13th, etc).

Some of those Fridays have the regular hours, and some have only until 5:20pm.

I don’t know if I’m missing something I should know, or if this is a new thing? Why would the most popular dinner experience be closed EARLY on Fridays?

MNSSHP. Park closes at 6pm on party days


Yeah, that just clicked in when I checked the park hours calendar. Can’t believe I overlooked that-- especially since I have tickets to the halloween party on Wednesday. :confused:

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You have to book the later times through the party dining, if it is open for the Halloween party. It may be full or not available. We will be there on a Christmas party night and it still has reservations available, or it did a few days ago. Not sure for Mnss…party.

I had pretty much given up because I had no idea about parties. Some people say not to waste party time eating, but if you can do something you really want to do during a party, and the only way you will be able to do it is because there is a party, well, we are going to do it.