CRT, New Opening Show, and Merida

We have an ADR at CRT at 7:55 on a 9am open. Was wondering how the new opening show would affect the meet and greet with Merida? They start at 9:15, and was hoping to get there and not have a long wait for her, but now that everyone will be right there at the castle, it might make the line longer… Thoughts?

I could be off base with this but I think the first thing on people’s mind that early in the morning is “get to a headliner”. When we RD’ed, people weren’t headed for M&G, they wanted the mountains and 7DMT. We did Merida at her earliest slot and were about 10 minutes early and were the second family in line. I think most people are going to rush right by her on their way to other things.

I agree that for some reason most people (non-liners) don’t line up for the characters unless they are there. I think there is a reason she doesn’t start until 9:15. Most people will be blitzing by the empty theater there on their way to 7DMT. Once Merida is there and kids starting pulling at Mom’s sleeve, then the lines start building.

I know Tomorrowland is kind of slow to fill up, but we wanted to meet Buzz who starts at 10:15 and I was the first one there at probably like 10:00 and nobody really even lined up behind me until closer to 10:15 when the CMs started putting up the railings and pulling up the “garage door” to expose the backdrop.

When I was there during an EMH morning with the new opening show, people were already lining up at 9:00. We got in line around then and once the meet and greet started we did not wait that long. I would expect that people will be lined up at 9:00 but it will not an obscene amount. She was one of our favorite meet and greets!