CRT - keep or cancel?

Ok. So I made a bunch of great reservations for our February trip. Even though I have a 19 year old girl and 13 year old son, dd and I thought it would still be a great way to start our vacation the very first day we get there. I know it’s expensive but when dh saw the amount charged on our card ($260), he couldn’t believe it. He says we can keep the reservation if we really want it but now I am second guessing my decision on this reservation. $260 is ALOT for breakfast, I know, but I still think our family would absolutely love it. I’m sure I can spend this amount of money on something else “as magical” that would make more sense to dh. Any advice?

Everything at Disney is expensive. If you want to eat at CRT, eat there. If there’s something you would rather do, or somewhere else you’d prefer to eat, then cancel it. Or maybe just you and DD go, if you don’t think the boys will be into it.

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My 19 year old is a girl and she’s pretty excited about it.

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I’d echo what @missoverexcited said. Ask DH and DS if they really want to eat there; if not then change the reservation to 2 and make it a girlie breakfast. Then DH and DS can do something else and meet up with you later on.

There’s no point in spending all that money if the boys (and I’m including DH) aren’t interested, but no need for you and DD to miss out!

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Nickysyme, that’s an excellent idea. Thanks!

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I only reserved CRT for the females in our party too. Me, DD10, AND DD1.5 (she’s free).

The boys can go ride Dumbo, Tea Cups, Buzz Lightyear, or whatever strikes their fancy while we dine with the ladies.

I would only do it if there was someone in the party who was really into princesses. It’s arguably one of the most expensive non-signature dining experiences in WDW, serves “average” food, will eat up 60-90 min (assuming that you want to meet all of the princesses - which is the primary reason for going in the first place) and it will be packed to the gills with young kids (mostly girls). All reasons to keep me away. I ate in the castle several times back in the pre-princess days when it was King Steffan’s Banquet Hall; it was reasonably priced and kind of a fun experience, but as long as it remains in its current format, I will not return voluntarily.

If your 19 year old is that excited about it, then I’d send her and the parent who least hates the idea of going to CRT. Let your son and the other parent enjoy the rides.

I’d love to know under what circumstances you would return!! :grinning:

Sounds like some serious arm twisting would be required…

All they would have to do is eliminate the princesses and bring the price down to something on a par with the other TSs in the park; I’d even settle for a slightly higher prices because it is in the castle.