CRT Dinner at 190 days

I hope I’m not judged too hard here. I’ll share my whole ADR story sometime soon when I have the time. It’s incredibly complex. But for now, I have a simple question. I’m trying to book CRT for dinner at 190 days, and the only times available are 4:00-4:30ish. Regular park hours are scheduled for this day. I checked at 6am, but now a few hours later it is still the same availability. Are there really that many people using “certain” methods to book a CRT dinner on this day, or is Disney holding back slots for later? Curious what you all think.

It is not a party day?

Saturday November 2nd, between MNSSHP and MVMCP, no cast member event predicted for that day either

My guess would be they are loading the non party hour ADRs first and then going back and adding the other hours? I would set up the reservation finder and then wait for them to drop.


I had a similar problem at 180+8 days and I couldn’t believe other people had somehow got there before me. In the end I called and got pretty much exactly what I wanted at CRT.

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I just looked too and am only seeing 4:35pm. But I would think under normal circumstances the 8:30pm reservations would fill AFTER the early dinner ones, so I agree with others that perhaps the later times haven’t arrived yet! There is 6pm available on Friday night, so the good news is that it isn’t booking like crazy.


I wanted 9.45pm on an EMH night. I got 9.50pm (by calling).

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good to know actually calling sometimes works. i have only 1 ADR that I really want that is hard to get

Oops sorry don’t know how I withdrew that!!

tried at 180 +10 and got 4:35 too. I’be just had to work around it.

I’ve decided that I prefer the 435 time, actually. I’m running the Wine & Dine half marathon the next day, so this will get me back to my room earlier. Funny how these unexpected changes to our plans force you to find a silver lining - and sometimes it works out better than the original plan.


So interesting! There was nothing available online, but you got a time by calling?

(Do you have to pay to call from the UK??)

Yup :smiley:

No. There is a UK freephone number that connects to the US. Well, for some things. For other things — e.g. tour bookings — you seem to have to call the US. And that can cost A LOT. Like more than the tour you’re booking. I’m not even that far away from telling the truth there.

Someone shared on disboards the reason there are no crt reservations between 5:30 - 7 now for this $200 per adult package with HEA viewing and CRT

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I just threw up in my mouth…


Thanks for the info!

So this CRT “Signature Celebration Package” includes fireworks viewing from the West Plaza Garden. Is this used by the HEA Dessert Party? If so, I wonder if it will be shared with the CRT guests, if the East Plaza Garden will be double packed with dessert party guests, or they have reduced the capacity of the dessert party.

I know, I just read there was cauliflower on the menu too.



So I looked at the prices and correct me if I am wrong, but this new “event” costs more than the two events separately? CRT is $80 (includes tax and tip) and the dessert party if $84 (not including tax) and this is $199 and does NOT include tax or tip? Where do they come up with this stuff.

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Department of Innovative Spending Nuances Extracting Your Income, or DISNEYi for short.