CRT Breakfast

If we have an 8:15am at CRT for 5 people will we get charged if only 3 actually show up? I was hoping to send my wife and girls to eat while DS and I wait to get in line for 7DMT. I know some places you only have to have one person show up to avoid getting charged for the reservation. Thanks!

CRT has a 48 hour policy - if you cancel less than 48 hours from the time, you’ll be charged in full. You have to pre-pay to make the reservation, so this would cost you two people.

You have to have five people on the reservation to get 5 people in pre-RD. Have you considered making a BOG reservation? That only charges by what you order.

Regular restaurants hold your credit card and will charge you $10 per person if no one shows.
For CRT, and I believe other character meals, you are pre-paying the full charge. If you fail to cancel, you are charged full price for everyone.