CRT and fireworks

Hey all! So I booked our CRT dinner for Wednesday September 27 at 7pm. Fireworks are scheduled for 8. Do you think it would be reasonable to say our meal could last an hour to make sure we are in the castle for the fireworks? Will I just have to add a few “just a few more minutes” prior to ordering etc? Or can we just linger at our table until said fireworks? Just curious on anyone’s experience with this type of situational timing! Thanks!

I think you’ll easily still be there. We always take our time over a meal. And CRT was no exception. Our reservation was for 6:40pm. But looking at our photos we were only just looking at the menu at 6.50pm and then were just leaving at 8.15pm so a good hour and a half. And that’s if you get seated on time.

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You’ll be there at 8pm for sure- by the time you’ve met Cinderella, got to your table, ordered, met the Princesses, and eaten the food you’ll be well over a hour without dawdling.

I’ve no idea what, if anything, you can see of the fireworks from the restaurant- the windows in the restaurant look out over the carousel.

We were there a couple of weeks ago with two small children, our reservation was 5:50pm and we weren’t back outside until at least 7:30.

When we did get outside cast members had cordoned off the area from the carousel to the castle and we’re gently moving people on ‘for safety’ (I imagine from fallout from the fireworks).

This ^^

From what I’ve heard you can’t see much at all from inside CRT. If you want to watch the fireworks you might want to rethink the timing of the meal.

We had a window seat at CRT a couple of years ago. The view of the fireworks is amazing. The only thing you miss out on is Tinkerbell flying down from the front of the castle.

They dim the lights in the restaurant and pipe in the music. The fireworks are set off a mile or so behind the fantasyland for the most part. The other cool thing is that there are some that are fired off from the castle (the white bursts that shoot off to the sides). You’re right on top of them at CRT.


Awesome thanks! I thought they would be good from there. Most of the things I read said they piped in music and stopped everything for them so I was hoping that was accurate. Regardless it’ll be a wonderful time!

Hi. Just came across your answer to a post and was hoping you could answer something for me. We have a reservation at crt at 5:50 on a night when fireworks are at 8. When you left the castle at 7:30 where did you watch the fireworks from? Were you restricted because of the roped off area?

The roped off area starts from near the carousel, so you can’t stay around the area between the carousel and right near the back of the castle.

We weren’t hustled out, but the cast members let us know that we couldn’t stay there for the fireworks and gently encouraged us to move to the other side of the rope line. Once you move out of the restricted area the rest of Magic Kingdom is open as usual so you can watch the fireworks from any of the regular vantage points.

That night we actually headed out of Magic Kingdom while Wishes was on- we had stayed for Wishes a couple of nights before and our kids were out on their feet by the time it finished, so we decided to take advantage of a quiet period for the buses.

We headed out from the castle past the carousel and back around to Main Street via the bridge that comes out near Casey’s Corner pianist and the baby care centre. That area wasn’t really busy- we got some nice photos of the castle, but Main Street was getting packed by then.