CRT and BBB Question

I need some expert advice for our upcoming December trip. I have a BBB reservation at 9:25 am (MK location) and a CRT reservation for 10:00 am. I have been calling both BBB and the reservation line to see if I can get either time modified to provide more time between the two with no luck yet.
When I spoke to the Dining CM today, she said that we should be fine if we send at least one adult to check in at CRT, even if we are running late from BBB because we won’t be seated right away.
Does that sound right? I am going to keep trying to get one or the other modified but if this is true, it would lower my anxiety level in case I can’t get the times changed.


It might work - I mean, if at least one checks in to any reservation you’re fine, but then that person is going to, what, sit there and occupy the table until the rest of you can (hurry through the other experience to) join them? That’s kind of terrible IMO. There’s no way I’d do it. If you can’t modify one or the other, I think you’re going to need to pick one or the other in order to really enjoy them both.


I have a similar situation in my upcoming trip too. It’s good to know I can send my hubs to CRT to check in to hold the reservation. In our case, I think he’d be happy to escape the BBB atmosphere and take a breather. I, like you, am trying to modify our lunch reservation to an early dinner to give us some more wiggle room. The times I have called Disney the CM tells me to keep trying and openings will pop up closer to the time of our reservation, like a week before. I snagged the early dinner reservation for CRT for party of 1 and now I’m just looking for a reservation for 2. Try splitting up your group, you may have more luck!

They will not check you in for a dining reservation or seat you unless your entire party is present. Sending 1 person to check-in will not work. You can certainly send someone to let them know the others will be late, and why. But they do not check you in until the entire party is there.


This actually sounds pretty realistic to me because I’ve always had to wait at least 15 min after checking in on time for my reservation at CRT to actually be seated at a table.

I always hear how the Disney ADRs are not true reservations and how you may need to wait awhile before you are seated. So maybe will work in your favor in this case? In any case, if by chance nothing opens up closer to your date (it very well may do so) and BBB is taking longer than 45 min then I would call CRT and let them know. I guess sending someone from your party is another option as suggested but if they want to be present for the whole make over then just call. My guess is that CRT will be accommodating. I would not spend time being anxious over it.

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It’s literally right there across the hall. No need to call. Walk on over

I hear the “not a true reservation” thing all the time too and while it may be true in theory there are definitely cases - and CRT would be one - in which it is not necessarily the case in practice. CRT is one of the very hardest ADRs to get and as such I can totally see them turning the group away if they arrive later than their reservation time. I absolutely would spend time working this out one way or the other.

Thanks! I’ll keep trying. I have the reservation finder set for CRT and will keep calling BBB. We still have plenty of time but it would be nice to not have to worry about it!!

When I went in 2016, my 2 daughters did BBB and we had about an hour and a half between the ending of BBB and the reservation for CRT. After we finished the photo shoot at Castle Couture, we still had well over an hour to kill. We went on the Merry Go Round, then saw Fantasmic. You might be fine without having to change anything, but I would suggest making a little more time just in case they are running behind.

The two in combination we to me, as a dad, one of the major highlights of our trip and what I looked forward to more than anything else we had planned.

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Our BBB took well over an hour after waiting for our turn after check-in, getting the makeover, and then taking pictures at Castle Couture. I think the stress of hurrying such a fun (and expensive!) experience would not be ideal. Keep trying. I actually got my BBB reservation by coordinating a drop with someone from chat. We both called in and had the CM switch from her to me so magic can happen. You may also get lucky with someone dropping a CRT that day and announcing on TP chat. Good luck!

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