CRT and Akershus?

Would you do both? I am totally on the fence here. DD5 loves princesses hence why they are on our list. We are doing breakfast at CRT pre-RD and lunch at Akershus before a FEA FPP. What to do?!?!? We are def keeping CRT but wondering if Akershus is overkill. It is expensive for lunch but will I regret it.

Throw in your two cents for fun! Help me decide :slight_smile:

We did a pre-RD Akershus breakfast and really enjoyed it, then went right to FEA and Anna & Elsa. That worked out really well for us and I’m not sure my kiddos would have eaten much of their lunch menu. We did not do CRT so I can’t compare that, but Akershus breakfast was very good & my only ‘con’ about it was that the tables were spaced too close together considering how much people get up and down for the buffet and photos!

Personally, I think 2 Princess meals are a bit overkill if you also plan to do the meet & greets in the parks. How many times do you want to meet Cinderella, Belle & Ariel? LOL! Just my opinion though, and part of that is because my kids are younger and wouldn’t eat a ton but you still pay for it. I’d be more likely to consider one Princess meal and one regular character meal.

Do both, if your children can eat what’s on the menu at Akershus.

I just found out that kids under 3 can eat off a parents plate? That means DS2 is free? Hmmmm that’s more tempting!

Is that also the case at CRT?

I’m actually doing both on the same day (CRT for lunch and Akershus for dinner). That, no doubt, is overkill, but DD4 is getting made up at BBB that morning so I thought that I would get all the princess stuff covered in a day.

We did both on our trip last year. Breakfast for Akershus and dinner at CRT another day. Our girls were 6 and 2 (almost 3). At CRT we did not pay for our DD2. They did bring her out some cheese and grapes. And let her get dessert too. We just shared our food with her and it worked out. Yes, some of the princesses are the same, but we really thought it was worth it and enjoyed both. Especially dinner at CRT.

We did both for our young girls last trip. It was worth it for us as they loved it!

We did both with our girls (5 & 1). If i had to choose one it would be CRT for sure. But DD5 LOVED seeing the princesses at both. Belle was at Akershus and not CRT and that was a big deal. The menu at Akershus lunch was tough for my picky eater. And the LO was free at both and got her own meals. Our entire trip was princess based so maybe I am a bad judge :wink: