CRT ADR during Christmas Party

I have ADR for Cinderellas Royal table at 8pm during a Christmas Party night. Has anyone done this? ideally, i would like this to be on a different night, but so far nothing has become available. This is a first trip for my two daughters and that dinner is a definite must. Any input?

I would not do it, personally. I’d keep trying for another day, or a time before the party events start. If you’re unable to change it, I’d seriously consider just giving it up completely. I wouldn’t want to waste time that I could be enjoying the party on a dinner, no matter how cool the characters are. The party tickets just cost too much for that, in my opinion.


I would cancel it even if I couldn’t find anything else. I can’t imagine spending 2 hours of an expensive paid-party not taking advantage of the party offerings, especially when it means you’d miss the first parade and very possibly the fireworks as well. I think the magic of the event is more of a “must” than CRT, because CRT will probably be happening every day of every trip you ever take. I personally think that an Akershus meal and dinner at 1900 Park Fare is preferable to a non-breakfast meal at CRT anyhow… you get your princess fix at Akershus (plus maybe pre-RD entry to get a spot in line at FEA) and then you get Cinderella, plus Prince Charming, Step-mother and Step-sisters (who have tons of personality) at 1900 Park Fare!

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I agree with the others above. The party is expensive and not your every day thing (not that CRT is either, but you can get CRT at other times and days beyone Christmas season). I would put in a search in Res Finder and go from there.

May I ask what your dates are??

That’s tough, espiecially if you have your heart set on CRT, but I think I agree in that it would eat up a LOT of your party time. Are you able to perhaps eat at 1900 Park Fare or Akershus in Epcot another day as @Nikkipoooo suggested? I have never been to 1900 PF but have heard they have good food, and you do get Cinderella and company. As for Akershus, we prefer that over CRT hands down b/c you still get about 5 princesses, it’s a castle, only takes one TS credit and the food is far better! You could also consider meeting the princesses at Fairytale Hall on your MVMCP night as we’ve experienced it having very short waits during the party. That is how we met Elsa with a 10 minute wait the first year she was at MK :slight_smile:


I’ve eaten in the castle. It is really cool. However, we canceled our CRT ADR for this year because while it is really cool and the food is really good, it is very, very, very expensive for what it is. For 2 adults and 1 child, the Christmas party is roughly $300 and the CRT is roughly $200. $500 is a lot to swallow, and missing a significant chunk of the $300 party for a $200 meal would not leave me feeling financially satisfied.

I truly believe that if you are flexible, and can wait - even potentially the day before or day of, a different CRT ADR will open up. Just keep checking!!

The food at 1900 Park is really good. Try the strawberry soup! It’s delicious!