Crt @ 8:10?

Currently have this booked. Read in the Ultimate Guide that they try to turn tables quick here. Are we likely to be done for park open?

Not likely, at least not if you want to enjoy it. This is an expensive, hard sought location. I would plan it for a time when you will not be rushing to the next thing and can take it all in.

We had an 8:00 last June. We were out by 9:00.

We had a 10:05 am reservation last month and left the castle around 11:45 am.

We had 8:25 to CRT on a 9am opening. We took the earliest MK bus from All Stars (I believe it was 7:45am but I don’t have any written down details to back that up). My pictures show we were walking up Main Street at 8:06am & that I was taking pictures near the check-in desk just at the entrance at 8:21am (after we had checked in). We were done seeing Cinderella by 8:30am and the first princess to stop by our table (Snow White) was at 8:39. We had met all the rest of the princesses by 8:51am (Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel) so it literally felt like speed princess dining.

However, we had missed Snow White’s presentation/intro (they do one for each princess & we had been able to just catch Aurora as we were getting sat), so we hung around to see Snow White get re-introduced (we didn’t do a repeat of meeting her tho) & also enjoy our actual meal. I do think we were also waiting awhile on something to do with the food, but were also waiting for Snow White’s introduction so we weren’t impatient.

TL;DR: Totally possible if you get there expeditiously & eat in between the 2 minutes you have between each princess & book it outta there after your last one, but for the price you pay I felt it was way more worthwhile to savor the empty Main Street & enjoy the details of the castle & meal.