CRT--8:05 PreRD breakfast or late lunch?

We have never been to CRT but have it scheduled this trip. Would you recommend an 8:05 PreRD breakfast or a late lunch? Park opens at 9:00. Would we feel rushed with early breakfast? Empty main street would be great but I am not sure what is best option.

I think this just depends on your party and your plan. If you have little princesses who will be dressed up, I can’t imagine anything more magical. If you have teenagers you are dragging along and they will be itching to get to space mountain, it will potentially cut into your RD touring.

That’s a great point. I will have a 4 year old princess with but also older ones wanting to hit the rides! :slight_smile:

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Will there be 2 adults? I’m planning for a friend going in oct and she is going to take her one child that wants to do CRT for pre-rd and her husband will bring the others to meet them later.

Is it the only day for the mk? If so I would do rope drop and the later Crt. Also i would not make it the first day of the mk, personally My first mk day i lime to be at rope deop.

Figure on 1.5 hours for any character meal. So you will not get the full benefit of a pre rope drop.

If it is a sexond day then go for it.

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That’s a good idea! I bet I could stay with my little girl if we haven’t seen all the characters and my husband and son could leave at park opening.

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