CRT 11/7 for 4 @4pm - would you like it?

I have a CRT reservation (details above) that I no longer need. Does anyone want it? I’ll keep for another day or two and then I will be deleting my reservation unless I hear from anyone before then.

I hope someone can use it! Did you change the dates for your trip? I was thinking that you would be at WDW the same week I will be there.

Haven’t changed dates, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to go before MVMCP or on a different day, so I booked two (I know, I know). Someone then suggested keeping them on separate days to keep each one “special”, so that’s what we’re doing.

No worries! Sounds like a great plan. Whew! I’m glad you’re not canceling for a sad reason. :slight_smile:

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