Crowns and Coasters: Help Me Plan!

That’s your loss, buddy! :rofl:

That’s an interesting idea! We did notice the air conditioning on both FoP and MFSR, but since we were wearing masks back in February it probably didn’t help as much as it should have… guess that just means we need to go back and try again, for science!

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Okay another conundrum in my planning. So I looked further into tickets, and fortunately we can get a group rate that’s pretty nicely discounted (about 30% off for a 1 day, 2 park ticket)… but there’s always a but. You have to pick up these tickets from the competition merchandise room, which doesn’t open until 9am. Since I arrive late Wednesday, that ruins my plan to go on Thursday (I’d be lucky to get into the parks by probably 10am, 2 hours after I could go in with Early Admission), and leaving only Friday.

So do I go on Friday and have a very long day (knowing I have a 4am wakeup on Saturday morning), or sleep in and lounge by the pool until the final show that evening?

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