Crowds on 8/19?

So, today was my 60-days, and I booked fastpasses this morning. I did pretty well, but one thing that was surprising was how little was available on Wednesday, 8/19. I see FEA is all out (it’s been that way for a couple of days, already). 7DMT is also out.
The crowd calendar has MK at an 8, so maybe 7DMT isn’t that surprising.
But Epcot is at a 3 - I was hoping there would be SOMETHING available. Oh well, I’ll keep looking, I guess.

Just wondering if anyone has any insight… is that week going to be busier than expected?

It depends upon your party size, too. I did my FP+ reservations last week for 4 people. For a couple of things at MK, I had better luck looking for 2 groups of 2 and picking overlapping windows.

Since you’re getting FP+ at 60 days, you must be staying on-property. I hope you know you can book for up to 10 days after that today, too, out to the end of your Disney Resort stay. If you have another day at MK or EP later in your trip, you might be able to snag that hard-to-get FastPass on the later day.

I’m not surprised by FEA; i think you’d better your chances by making FEA the very first FPP you book at 7am sharp at 60 days and for the last Epcot day in your trip.

I’m shocked by 7DMT. I’ll be in WDW a couple weeks before you and was able (just yesterday in fact) to have my pick of 7DMT on a CL 9 day. 2 people.

The previous posters idea of splitting up your group is a good one. Why don’t you try 2 groups of 2 on 7DMT. Betting FEA is booked by now but it’ll be worth a try especially on the backside of a long trip (if applicable). Otherwise, you can always rope drop those attractions.

We’re a party of 6, but I did split us up, to get 7DMT on a different day. It’s not perfect, but it’ll work for us. I was just surprised to see things out, already, when it seems like there’s been more availability during the summer.

I’m kind of kicking myself for scheduling our Epcot day first, on a short trip. But, it is what it is. Maybe we won’t get to do FEA this year. There’s always next time, right?! :wink:

All of the FEA FastPasses for 9/1 (CL 2, I believe) were gone by 7/6. I couldn’t even add one single person.

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So, I randomly checked again, yesterday, for FEA fastpasses. Now, there are a LOT available! Mostly in the late afternoon/evening. But, I got a group of 6 at 5:30. That made my day!

Also, hoping this means there was just a glitch, and it won’t be as busy as I was dreading.

Because of your experience, I rechecked my EPCOT days, and I was able to get a FEA FPP too! My trip is 40 days out as of now. I wonder if they were holding back inventory, or if they had a bunch of 45 day cancellations that just happened to free up Frozen FastPasses on one of my 2 EPCOT days, but not the other.

Yay!! Glad you got them, too.
I’m at 50 days, today. I’m guessing they were holding inventory for something… I can’t imagine that there were so many cancellations that it went from no availability to “pick any time you want after 4:30” within a day or two.
Persistence pays off, yet again. That’s the moral of this trip. :smile: