Crowds off the rides

Hi! I have been planning our 1st WDW vacation for almost a year already (we are going end of September 2018). Although we are eager to try the rides, we are not big thrill seekers, so between touring plans, fastpasses, EMH and Early morning magic, I have wait times pretty much covered.

I still have one source of anxiety… I saw the YouTube videos of people getting in the parks at rope drop… Wow, that is a lot of cattle!!! I know with Disney’s new “let’s reduce ride capacity” idea, the wait times can be as long in September as in July, but how will it feel in the park, strolling down Main Street? I am not agoraphobe, but I can get overwhelmed easily.


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once everyone heads to where they’re going, it’s less overwhelming. Have a blast on your first trip! :slight_smile:

Everyone goes Down Main Street and is held at the hub until after the stage show. I don’t find this part overwhelming. I do find the massive crowds leaving after HEA overwhelming. You might want to hang back a bit and let them leave ~or~ get a good position on Main st to watch HEA so you can make a bee line for the exit.

September are the lowest crowds. I was there last september and -granted, it was just after Hurricane Irma- but the streets were empty. Enjoy your trip!