Crowds make a bigger difference at Disney than at Universal?

According to the Touring Plans info on Universal, if you are doing both WDW and Universal you should go to WDW on the less busy days because “crowds can make a bigger difference there than at Universal.”

I would have thought the opposite since at Disney we can use scheduled FPP and grab extra same day FPPs to reduce wait times. What have your experiences been? There is no indication in the article that they are assuming you have an express pass at Universal, so I don’t think that factors into their statement.

TP is 100% correct in their advice. Generally, if Disney is seeing more people, universal will also be seeing more people. However, the magnitude of the crowd will always be bigger at Disney as more people go to disney then universal. I ALWAYS put universal days on my weekends… or if any holiday is happening.

FPP on a 10/10 day won’t help you at all. Those days… any good fast passes were gone 60+ days ahead of time, and same day fast passes are being snatched up by everyone.

Ultimate express is also something that should be considered for managing crowds. You can get the one time one, or unlimited… and making any high crowd day the same as a 1/10. You also can stay on site a single day to get 4 people free unlimited express for two days. That makes your universal and Disney days better… as you can put Disney on less crowded days


Thanks for the input! During our trip next May we want to spend 2 days in Universal and it just so happens that the lowest crowd days for both Disney and Universal are on the same two days…the Saturday and Sunday of our stay. It is tough to decide which to choose when. We won’t have the express pass as we are a party of 9 and purchasing that for all of us would be crazy expensive.

how is universal during spring break time…any issues normally? not as busy hoping…