Crowds leading up to Princess Half Marathon

Last minute trip Feb 22-24th(Wed-Fri) to ride Tron with a cast member and noticed that it is around Princess Half Marathon. (I was wondering why there were so little hotel availability). I have gone to Disney during Summer months, Spring Break, and around Holidays. How bad are the crowds during these days leading up to the marathon weekend? Does anyone have any advice?

IIRC none of the race weekends seem to have a significant impact on crowd levels.

I’m local and the biggest issue we have is getting into EP parking on race days. We try to remember to visit a different park those days. I don’t feel like the crowds are any worse than a usual weekend crowd though.

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I think you’ll see more crowds due to it being President’s Day that week (Northern schools have winter break all week) and also Mardi Gras than due to the races. I’d expect crowds.

Oh yes this. Didn’t realize it was the same weekend!