Crowds June 1 & 2

We will be going for only two days June 1 & 2 2016. Some people have told me that the crowds will be crazy due to gay days. The crowd level at MK is a 8 and Hollywood is a 6 on the days we are going. Can you give me any advice on gay day activities and crowds to help me avoid them to get the most out of our two days.

oh boy…prepare for lighting to strike you…“them”?

i asked the same question a few days ago and was asked to rebuke my statements cuz I said “they” and i was being insensitive and homophobic and, well…you get the picture…

From what i was, eventually, told the Gaydays does not affect attendance per the TP folks who put the crowd levels together. i did go to the gay days site to see when “they” will be at the various parks. You can view their schedule on the website “they” have.

I think most of us refrain from talking about people like objects… And I read the OP as asking about avoiding crowds. Any large group is to be avoided. Good luck everyone heading to the Parks!

“They” - used to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified.

“They” - used to refer to a person of unspecified sex.

they is a pronoun…

I didn’t mean to come across as critical! Was trying to say most people don’t use the construction of “THOSE people”.

i, nor did she, use “those people”…yet i was attacked…

anyway, was just warning her…and giving her the answer i got

If you’re worried about extra crowds (although others have reported minimal impact), here’s the schedule of “featured” parks for each day. Looks like the 2nd is the only overlap day.

Thurs, Jun 2nd - Sea World and AK
Fri, Jun 3rd - IoA and DHS
Sat, Jun 4th - US and MK
Sun, Jun 5th - iDrive 360 and EP