Crowds for rides other than FOP at AK

Trying to find out from anyone who has been to AK since FOP/Pandora how the lines/waits are for other rides. We r staying at AKL and thinking of having a 730 am breakfast at Boma. If we do that we will probably won’t get to the par until 930-10a(driving by car) if we go on another ride or 2 before our FOP FP at 1215 how will the crowds be later in the morning? Afternoon?

Pandora takes vast majority of the crowds so if you head straight to the other side of the park and get there reasonably early you should get plenty of rides done

Don’t leave it too late so that the early guests coming out of pandora all arrive the other side of the park same time a you though

The two big queues are FOP and Navi river of course

But you could probably do with a fast pass for kili safari if you can as that can have decent size queues as well

Labor Day weekend I arrived more than 90 minutes before opening. I was able to do FoP and NRJ, eat at SC- and that was it. By that time it was 11:30 am and the waves of people arriving at AK were crazy! I was there the night before with my FPs and RoL dinner.
I was able to ride EE an extra 4x and stand by Dinosaur but the morning was crazy.

I just got home from my trip. Avatar ride lines were long but I scored a second FP for FOP day of on saturday. The rest of the park had fairly short waits on Saturday and Monday.

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I was there a couple of weeks ago. After FOP at RD and Navi, we rode KS with 20-30 minute wait. We got in the KS queue around 9:45am give or or take 10 minutes?