Crowds for late EMH at MK

So…we’re braving the Thanksgiving week crowds next week. I’m finalizing my plans and have a question about the very late EMH at MK. On 11/23, MK is open until midnight, then EMH goes until 2 a.m.

My kids are 11, 14 and 14, so they can handle a late night, but I wonder how the crowds flow that late. Are things like Peter Pan more available since many younger kids will be gone by then? Or does that not really matter?

Basically, can anyone who’s experienced a 2 a.m. closing time during a very busy time period shed some light on how crowded it actually is - and are there specific areas where the crowds are worse?

These late closes are fantastic. On Easter 2015 we were at MK until 1am. There was almost no one in Fantasyland that late, and it was awesome. No strollers, and just really not a lot of people. That day was very crowded, it didn’t even seem like the same park it was so empty. If you can make it until 2am you will love the low crowds. Just make sure to plan a sleep in the next morning!