Crowds for first week of Jan?

Hi there, I was looking at crowd calendar predictions for January 2-9, it’s listed as very high crowds that week. Why would that be? Usually the marathon is that week, if that ends up being virtual could try crowd prediction go down?

Just my guess…

Post Covid re-bookings will still be big.

50th will be big all year.

Some schools will not reopen until the second week

Crowd Calendar is a forecast…a forecast based on lots of data and expertise, but still a forecast. The one sure thing is that it will be adjusted.

Historically this used to be a fairly slow time at WDW, especially once you got past Jan. 4th or so, but I recall that early January of 2020 was slammed according to ride wait times and photos that folks were posting.

I believe you are right on with the comments. Typically people are just leaving from their Christmas/New Year’s vacation, but then you have a surge of people for Marathon Weekend (like myself). Compound that with the people that have not been able to go to Disney for a while due to COVID concerns and add the 50th to the mix, and it may end up being pretty busy.

There still may be hope yet for Marathon weekend. runDisney made a cryptic post of FB today that is a good sign that Marathon weekend may be returning.


Here is hoping!

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