Crowds for Feb 24, 2020

Why in the world are they at an 8? seems early for spring break, it’s mardi gras, which kids don’t have off for, seems a bit extreme… Thanks :):grin:

The day after the Princess, Mardi Gras, NH school vacation?

we have off work and school - yay Mardi Gras!! we will be there at that time! and princess marathon is the 22nd weekend!

The Princess Marathon ends, Festival of Arts ends Monday, Mardi Gras also starts that week and New Orleans area have the entire week off.
With a good TouringPlan you will be able to accomplish alot!!


We were there that week in 2019 and it was around the same crowd level. The princess race definitely caused slow traffic in the morning, and I think there are some very early spring breaks going on then that also caused more crowding.

That said, we had a great time and did every thing we wanted to with the help of our trusty touring plans! We avoided the parks where the races were ending too, which seemed to help. I was expecting much lower crowds for the time of year, but it worked out just fine in the end.