Crowds February 16th

Looks like the crowd calendar was way off in the wrong direction again yesterday. 3 to 5 off with Magic Kingdom being the worst.

It’s a brand new world and I’m staring to come to acceptance that there isn’t anything to really be done about it going forward. Sure, hiring won’t hurt, but it seems most of the restaurants are back open and even shows/parades/people eater’s continue to get closer to pre-Covid levels.

It isn’t good when my wife uses the word “dread” for anticipating waiting in line :thinking:

This is our rite of passage trip for our 6-year old so it is going to happen. After that, she is on her own for any future trips :joy:


The first week of April are some of the highest ticket prices of the year…more than The weeks prior and after Easter…and TP is predicting crowd levels as low as a 1 and 2 for some parks during that week. I’m anticipating lots of 10’s and think Disney knows more than any of us at this point. Going to be historically bad I fear. Packing my paper bag and Xanax.

As restrictions ease, overstuffed bank accts from not travelling, and the option to release the pent up cabin fever becomes available, … you get the drift.

I happened to be at MK on the 16th and while I didn’t think the predicted “2” was going to be accurate given how may days the prediction has been off, was not expecting “7” level crowds. It made any guidance from the Lines app essentially useless. Made the best of it and still had a great day. I would just recommend that everyone go into things with proper expectations. “2” days won’t be coming back anytime soon for MK, unfortunately.