Crowds Feb 28-Mar 3?

We’ve booked a room at Portofino for February 28-March 3. The crowd calendar has 3s and 4s for those days. We were thinking of moving to another hotel but when I checked Universal’s website just now, there are no rooms at Sapphire and club rooms are all that’s now available at Portofino. Does anyone know what’s going on that week? Have I chosen a super busy week to go?? I hope someone can put my mind at ease that the parks won’t be too crowded.

No. I’ve been there at that time (1 week+ after Pres. Day) and Tuesday-Thursday are terrific.

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Thanks. The hotels being full caused me to panic just a little! Do you think that’s because of Mardi Gras?

They usually show pretty booked full 3 months out no matter what time of year. That’s not a good gauge on park attendance numbers.

Thank you! I feel much better!

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We will be there Feb 21 for a week. I can tell you this much. Portofino is great. You booked the right resort. Marte Gera is on and the parade is wonderful. Beads, beads, beads!

Thanks, DocHopper. We couldn’t decide between Portofino Bay and Royal Pacific, so it’s nice to know you like the resort. We’ve only stayed at Universal twice and both times were at Sapphire Falls, which we liked the room but weren’t crazy about the food choices and distance to the parks.

My wife and I only stay at one of three resorts. Royal Pacific, Hard Rock, and Portofino. The reason? Express Passes. I have listed them in order of which are OK to Best. Portofino is by far the best for older people like us but let’s say it is the best all around. Little farther away from the parks but who cares as we take the boat to City walk.