Crowds end of August

Just booked trip from August 26 to September 3. Crowd calender is low 3 for most days. Anybody else travel those dates, is it really that low the crowds? How about weather? Thanks in advance…

Since most schools are in session, it is a very low crowd period, but crazy crowds seems to appear at random times these days- so plan for higher crowds and be thrilled if is a 3! It will be very hot, very humid. It could rain for some time every day (it is also hurricane season).

Regardless- you will have a blast! Go out early morning then go back to your resort or eat a long meal and go out again at night. I am going September 2-5 and I am counting the days!

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Thank you, I usually travel on July n crowds are crazy. It should be awesome to have low crowds. I’m also counting down and I can’t wait :grinning:. Have fun!!!

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Hello, I’ve been twice at the end of August/Early September (8/31/13-9/7/13 & 8/23/13-8/31/13) and I can confirm that crowds were great! The only park we seemed to have trouble with crowd-wise was HS, but that was before all the closings so I don’t know if that should trouble you. It seemed to rain at least every-other day during our tips, but only for maybe an hour! Typical Orlando weather :joy: We were only rained out once during out trip in 2013 and none in 2014. Like @PrincipalTinker said, you might want to plan for high crowds, then be excited when they are low! Either way you should be fine and have fun! You’ll be in Disney! :grin: I know I’m counting down the days until my October 22-29, 2016 Trip ! :grin: If you have any questions, please let me know!

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We are there for the exact same time frame. Crowds will be bearable. Many of the people will be from the NY and Long Island area because schools won’t be back in session for them and there was the free dining offer. You will manage fine. We have been there that week 3x.

Thank you for your help!!! I am now debating on adding water parks tickets :smirk:… Have fun on your trip, Disney on Halloween sounds fun…

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Snowhitenyc - I am from upstate NY :slight_smile: … I am excited for our trip to the magic world!!! Have fun on your trip, May be we will run into each other…

DS 7 goes to private school (which starts later) so we have been going end of August the last few years and love it. We always get trip insurance in case of hurricane but have never used it. Crowds are much more bearable but I don’t think there are ever “low” crowds at WDW anymore. Locals can bring in crowds over Labor Day so don’t choose to go to DHS on those days. DHS can’t absorb crowds very well and it’s only worse with all the closures.

It is super hot and humid so we like to stay at beach club bc of the awesome pool. we get to the parks early (when it’s cooler and not raining), plan a sit down lunch inside somewhere, pool or resort time mid afternoon, quick dinner after that (when it’s often raining) and then back to the parks in the evening.

We will be there 8/23-8/31 this year. Maybe we can meet up!

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Funny, I know I will get my RnR, ToT and ST FPs but I am planning HS for the new fireworks show. Yesterday I decided I would book the dessert party if it is available and you just convinced me !

Who do you get your trip insurance from? If you don’t mind me asking

I’m thinking about that dessert party but have been out of the Disney loop for a bit. I’m a compulsive planner for about 90 days but I just can’t get myself in at 180 days so dining is always a challenge.

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Oh- and we just get trip insurance offered by Disney. We usually fly southwest so I theorize that changing flights won’t be the hardest thing.

We went the week before Labor Day last year and it was great - very low crowds. We even got lucky with the weather - only one big downpour during the three days we were in the parks.

It’s hot and deserted then. We had touring plans all ready and didn’t need them. Granted it was a few years ago and slow times have gotten busier but with school in, you will be fine. The heat is more of an issue then the crowds but I love hot weather so never really bothered me.

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Same time frame for me! Heard it was very low but then last year the I’ve been reading the crowds were high so not sure what to think.

Hi - we went last two weeks in August in 2014 (which are the last two weeks of school vacation in UK) and crowds seemed really low, particularly during the last week in August when we were literally just walking onto rides.

The weather was very hot (we’re not used to that in the UK!) but it only rained 3-4 times during the whole fortnight and then only for an hour or so.

We are back the same time this year so fingers crossed for the same experience…

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