How bad is the MK (CL 5) on an EMH day at night time? We dont mind getting up to be there at RD and take advantage of the early touring and would probably leave around 2. But we’d like to try for CRT dinner around 5 or 6 then hit some rides and stay for HEA. Wasnt sure if i should switch to a non-EMH day (this day worked out best since we’re leaving the next day so doesn’t matter if the kids are tired from staying up late - changing to a non-EMH day would mean getting up early the next day for a pre-RD breakfast).

The best thing to do is make a Personalized TP for the day in question and then Optimize it to see how it works out - if you like the wait times that you see and you are getting everything done that you wanted to then go for it.

I would only do a EMH park if you were very sure you would utilize the EMHs. A lot of people plan to go to a park that has EMH to capture more time, so those parks will be more heavily populated overall. However, we have found for early EMHs, you sometimes are too tired to take advantage of them so you miss out on the benefit if you can get up in time. If you decide to go to a park on an EMH day, make the commitment to be there. It is well worth your time!

I really like to utilize night EMHs. There may be larger crowds but a plan can help you maximize your time. I especially like the late nights at MK. It is my favorite park at night.

Thanks - i will try this but since we are doing MK another day also i think we will be able to see most everything. I know TP is mostly about having shorter wait times but we really hate dealing with crowds as well. Trying to navigate the park with too many people is not fun. My worries is about how crowded the park will be at night for the fireworks and getting out of there after - but I imagine this is probably bad every night? I’m also worried about be able to get the ADR for CRT but I guess its hard to get any day.

Yes the getting up early party is easy for us since we are all up normally by 6am (usually earlier). But last trip i did have trouble getting to the parks early enough because i just didn’t plan enough travel time to get there. Are there any sites that help with knowing when to leave the resort (we are staying at the Poly) and which mode of transportation will get you there fastest? Are the monorails even an option for early entry?

Monorail should be an option for EMHs. I used to have a website that showed you the different options for getting from point A to point B, but for the life of me I cannot find it. =( Sorry about that! I’ll keep looking!

Thanks if you could find the website that would be great. I’m glad that the Poly has so many transportation options but with pre-park ADR’s etc i find it confusing what is the best way to go.

This is the latest tool that I have been using; however, it doesn’t provide estimated travel times - There was another one that I found, but I still can’t find it. I’ll keep looking. I’m determined!!!

Found it! This one offers you estimated travel time -

What a great tool! Thanks for sharing!

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This is so cool! VERY helpful for those of us who are new to WDW. I will definitely try this in December. Thanks so much!

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