Crowds down this week?

With the crowd calendar predicting 10s all week but the actual crowds measuring 7-9 despite no park reservations available, are we seeing Disney capping the crowds to a lower capacity, or are the relatively smaller standby lines (as compared to this week 2019 and before) a result of not everyone using Genie+ And ILL, whereas most guests were using Fastpass+ in 2019?

I think Disney is capping attendance below what a 10 used to be because of staffing issues. I don’t think the difference in FP+ vs Genie would lead to more than a point difference based on previous data that TP has shown…

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WDW is much more “doable” this past week than in years past. We haven’t seen the “4 hour Soarin’ waits” etc.

I looked at NYE TP data from 2014 and measured waits were longer then than this past week.

WDW used to let in too many people (esp.) in MK on NYE, and even abruptly close gates due to no more parking spaces, fire code, multiple reasons perhaps.

Much better this year.

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