Crowds Disneyland vs Disneyworld

My family and I are are frequent visitors to Disneyworld. We wanted to try Disneyland this year. Our travel dates are December 10-17. We have hit that week or so at DWR lots of times and it’s always nice and quiet. We checked the crowd calendar and TP is predicting crowds of about 4 most of the week at DWR, and crowds of about 7 at DLR. We know that we don’t enjoy ourselves nearly as much when the crowds are high. Just wondering how the two sets of ratings compare. Is a 7 at DLR like a 7 at DWR, worse, better?
A big part of what is drawing us to DLR (other than the chance to see more Disney!) is the idea of being able to walk to the hotel! We have 3 kids, so at DWR our hotel choices (at DWR we stay on-site) are so much more limited that we can never walk and I hate how much time we spend in transport.

We recently went back to DLR after years of not visiting and the crowds are MUCH different there. For the most part, WDW doesn’t feel overcrowded because the crowds disperse so well but since DLR doesn’t have the space, it’s much more obvious how busy the parks are and I can attest that it’s clear the cast members aren’t as in control there. We were there for a Halloween Party night and I can’t tell you how many barriers we ran into to try to keep crowds flowing one direction. Along with that came less than pleasant cast members. There were a couple of other things about our trip to DLR that I just was less than impressed with BUT I will say, there’s something about being in Walt’s park. I would say just go with the mindset that it will be crowded but you’re there with people you love to enjoy your time away from the real world. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the crowds, heat, rude people but I consistently remind myself of where I am and that a smile goes a long way. Don’t miss Paint The Night or World of Color. Both are fantastic! Hope you guys have a great time!

Hi. We go to both coasts frequently, and there is quite a difference in crowd patterns. A 7 or 8 at Disneyland will feel like a 10 at WDW. DL has very small walkways and feels crazy crowded, especially to frequent WDW visitors who are used to bigger walkways and more space. But, the difference between the coasts is DLR has as many, if not more, rides in their 2 parks than WDW has in 4. So while you will feel like it is a “10”, the ride lines will be quite a bit less than WDW lines in a similar crowd level. DL almost never sees really long lines, things like 3 hours for Frozen or 4 hours for Soarin just don’t happen. Toy Story doesn’t even have fast pass in the West, if you can believe that, and neither do any of the Fantasyland rides. If you think you can handle the large amount of people taking up all the available walk ways, I would go for it. The ride lines will not be that long. Also DL is a locals park, so expect to see tons of people pour in for the night shows on Friday-Sunday nights. Many locals just come to DL to watch the night shows and eat, and maybe ride a ride or two. They are there, making the parks crowded, but they aren’t really making the lines longer.
You will love being able to walk everywhere at DLR, hopping between parks takes all of 3 minutes. Plus paper fast passes, at least for now. You can hold FP’s in both parks at the same time (as long as each ticket has been scanned for entry at one park or the other first). I absolutely adore Disneyland and how quaint it is. I prefer it to MK, even though I grew up going to MK.
This past year has been extra busy at DLR, due to the 60th celebration. The Paint the Night parade, new 60th fireworks, and new World of Color have brought new visitors in droves. The end of the celebration is in September, and no one knows yet if the the new things will stay or not. DLR has no Christmas parties, so you will be able to see all of the Christmas things without paying extra. Space Mountain is currently Star Wars themed, but not sure what it will be then. Haunted Mansion will stil have the Nightmare before Christmas overlay, which is the one of the greatest thing to happen in DLR ever, in my opinion. It’s a Small World will have its holiday overlay, which is beautiful as well. We haven’t even discussed the amazing land that is Cars Land. Yes, you must go to DLR. You won’t regret it!

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