Crowds at MK and Epcot for Gay Days

We are going to be in MK on the 17th and Epcot on the 18th - both of those days are Gay Days at the respective parks. I have never been to the parks during this event - will crowds be significantly worse than a normal weekend in the summer (never been in the summer either). We are only there for a long weekend so I can’t really change any plans, just trying to figure out where to set expectations :slight_smile:
I’m excited about attending during this time, I am hoping for lots of festive colors and fun

Did they change the dates for Gay Days? Used to be around first week of June. Gone twice during gay days, never noticed any higher crowds.

Its not an official Disney event, Ive never noticed anything spectacularly fun going un because this, out side of normal Disney things. What are others opinions?

It’s listing on the Touring Plans calendar for August 17th at MK and August 18th at Epcot. I always thought it was June but maybe I am confusing it with Pride Month?

No, it traditionally been in June but I havent been loooking at a June trip for a while. Maybe they added dates or switched?

I’ve never been then, but from what I read many times on these, and other, forums, Gay Days does not significantly increase the crowds above and beyond what would be “normal” for that date.

I believe it used to be June but this year it has moved to August. As @bswan26 said, everything I have read reports no crowd impact! Have a great time!

Ive never experienced any crowd impact. Wouldnt even know it was Gay Days if it wasnt for TP announcing it…

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We’ve been multiple times when it was in early June and never felt it had a significant impact on crowds.

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Ditto…I’ve been there during 4 Gay Days, never noticed any extra crowds.

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Thanks everyone!

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