Crowds at Legoland Florida?

I was wanting to take my son to Legoland FL for his birthday which is on Memorial Day. Anyone have any insight on crowd levels there?? I can’t find anything and love touringplans for Disney!!!

We went Memorial day weekend 2014 (Saturday). It was busy but not Disney busy. Buy your tickets through a online discounter, not through Legoland. They are way overpriced and unlike Disney the discounters really have deals on tickets. Get the water park add on. Go to the middle and back and hit the coasters first to avoid lines. When it gets super hot go to the gardens (old Cyprus gardens park) in the back. It is very shaded and much cooler. The water park gets a line pretty quickly and the line is not shaded. Hit it late morning or you will wait in the hot sun! Because the water park is an add on you have to go through “turnstiles” again and if it’s full you have to wait for people to leave before they let more in.

Thank you! I already bought tickets and parking had a buy one adult get child free coupon from Lego magazine so all set there.