Crowds at Food & Wine Festival on a Weekday

Trying to decide if we should make reservations for a sit-down meal on our day at EP (a CL 6 Monday in October), or if “snacking” around the world will be a better option. Two years ago (A Sunday in November), there were annoying lines at each vendor; not worth it to stand in when we had kids along for the ride with us. Is there a marked difference in the F&W crowds on a weekday versus weekend?

I have always found it much easier to navigate the booths during the week.

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I would definitely opt for weekday and opt for snacking around the world, my favorite part of F&W!


During the week is fine. Just get done what you want to before 4:00 p.m.

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We thinking of visiting Epcot next July twice. Once, right before the food and wine festival and once during the festival. Right now, we have a friday scheduled the food and wine, is that a bad day or as long as we go before 4 it’s ok?

I don’t think we know if Food and Wine will continue to start in July, so I would keep an eye on that.

A Friday, most likely, will be busier than Monday- Thursday and the crowds will be for the night. If you are confident you will be done by 4 it should be manageable .