Crowds and Lines at Water Parks


I am just wondering about crowds and waterparks during late Sept through to Mid Oct.

We plan on going to TL & BB plus Aquatica during our stay. Is there a strategy or a plan that I should stick to for the water parks? Is is absolutely essential to get there early at that time of year? Also, how safe are these parks :slight_smile: Every time I look on youtube, I get a list on the side of waterpark accidents and deaths!! Not exactly comforting :slight_smile:

we’ve gone to aquatica mid october the past 2 years. If the weather is nice, it is busy. Lines get very long. We always go at rope drop and hit the slides we want then. later in the day, we do lazy river, roa rapids, play ground area. personally, I would not do it any other way. I’ve never looked at safety on you tube (maybe I should), but we have generally felt safe. we’ve gone several times and I personally have never seen any kind of accident, for whatever that is worth.

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How does Aquatica compare with Typhoon Lagoon?

I’m shamelessly hijacking your thread to ask what time of the week is best? I’ve heard weekends since they’re travelling days for many, and weekdays since the locals aren’t around. We found Sat and Sun at BB and TL very busy last May (and met lots of locals), but didn’t do any weekdays to compare.
Help us, hive mind!

I can’t recall which days of the week we have gone so can’t help with that. But we have been to both TL and Aquatica. My kids prefer Aquatica. Theming is better at TL. TL has the massive strong wave pool that you either love or hate. We prefer the "normal " wave pool at Aquatica. Both have good slides. Roas Rapids is the big reason my kids prefer Aquatica. It is not a lazy river but a rapid river. They swim it forever. Lines don’t matter there - no waiting.they also love the water playground Mine r 11&9 now. So age might matter.