Crowds after Pandora

How do you think Pandora will effect the crowd levels at animal kingdom in late November early December.

One one really “knows”, but I can’t help but think they will be noticeably higher than, say, the the same time period last year.

I’ll be there the second week of December.
So, that’s an increase of one.

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I’m worried overall crowds will be higher too. The only bonus could be that crowds may be drawn more towards animal kingdom causing the other three parks to have less crowds. Good for those of us hanging out more in those :+1:

Going based on the opening of what we experienced when 7 Dwarfs and Frozen opened up, I would expect it to be a good six months to a year before the newness wears off. We are just starting to be able to get onto Frozen without an hour long wait now.

As a local, I’m visiting AK for the last time on May 16th, and then I don’t plan to go back until at least December, and I don’t plan to go on Pandora until a year out. I’m not a fan of crazy busy crowds or long line waits, and since I don’t stay at the resort, I have to wait until 30 days prior to get FP.

Since I still can’t get a FP for 7 Dwarfs and Frozen, except late in the evening, I’m not expecting to go on Pandora for a couple of years, unless I go to rope drop, which I don’t plan to do, so I’m not planning on experiencing Pandora for a couple years.

I think your best bet for this year is November and December, and I think it’s do-able to go in the park and enjoy a good day midweek, i.e. Tuesday or Wednesday, but don’t expect to go on Pandora unless you can get a FP 60 days prior, if that.

I would go with your plan to go in Nov. or Dec. Go at rope drop and expect an hour wait for Pandora, at least.