Crowd Tracker Email

I got an email today that adjusted some of the crowd levels for the days we are going in February 2019. Two of the HS days went from 6 to 10. Do they still think Toy Story Land will still be pulling that much or maybe just putting it at 10 to be safe? The good news is I think the rest of my days went down. But I know I am still almost 7 months out. Thanks!

I got one too for April, AK went from 2 to 7, and another day dropped from 9 to 8, which makes the difference in CL not worth considering anymore. I think Toy story land will pull everyone in once, after that most will wait for Stars wars land, whether I think your CL10 is accurate depends on the predicted CL for the other parks, and is there any change to the nightly shows, are they not happening on other nights, is there a race weekend?

Yes, we arrive on a race weekend Sunday. That Sunday and Monday the levels have jumped. I hadn’t realized that until you just mentioned it. Thanks!

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Don’t know if your answer is here, but they always (I think) post a blog to explain why the calendars changed.

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