Crowd sizes are back to low!

The crowd sizes for both Universal parks are back to their original ratings (2’s and 3’s) for next week! I wonder why they changed (first up then back down). If it’s real, I’m happy! I will be seeing both parks with a 2/10 and a 3/10 crowd size! Whoooo Hoooo!


Getting those lower crowd notifications is the best!

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Having returned from my trip I’ll say this: If you judged by the people int he street - it was crowded - more crowded than what i would call a 3/10 (which is what the crowd rating was). BUT if you judged by the lines at the rides - it was 3/10! Lines were 10-15 or less for even the most popular rides. Went on Forbidden journey twice in a row and actually missed most of the in-line preshows because we just kept moving! Overall - great crowds - great trip!

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People flocking to Harry Potter were definitely more of a crowd than the rest of the park (either side). So we quickly saw what we wanted to see (and eat) in Harry Potter World and then moved on! We have read all the books, seen all the movies but are not what I would call “Potter-philes”, meaning - we didn’t need to buy robes or wands. We just enjoyed the rides and the details of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Kind of a " been there…done that" attitude. I understand that others may indulge to a greater degree than we did. But just a heads up that it is all very doable (we ate at the Leaky Cauldron AND the Three Broomsticks, had ice cream at Florian’s and visited most of the shops) without spending ALL of your day there! To those of you who love everything Potter - go for it! I’s all there for immersion! To the rest of us, it’s another land for experiencing…done that…move on.