Crowd Predictions vs. "What We Saw Yesterday"

I have noticed during the past week or so that the crowd levels predicted are quite a bit higher than what the actual crowd levels were in reality.

Is there a reason or explanation for this?

Is this something that may continue into the next several months? I know recently the crowd levels for late October jumped up. I am now wondering if the previous predictions are more realistic based on what’s been the trend lately.

Just trying to plan :slight_smile:

There have been a number of recent stories indicating that WDW attendance has dropped off a good bit all summer (maybe people are finally just saying “no” to the constantly rising prices and reduced services), so that may be part of it. Wondering if some people didn’t want to schedule a vacation during the Olympics?

I wouldn’t judge the future crowd levels on what has (or in this case hasn’t) happened this month. Brazilians are one of the top, if not the top, over-seas visitors to WDW. Probably because of the Olympics, the number of Brazilians at the parks dropped dramatically this month. Many cast members have reported next to no Brazilian tour groups lately.