Crowd Predictions June 2016

Just added Universal to TP subscription today. Crowd levels for 6/5/16 - 6/11/16 don’t look too bad. Got burned last year when TP WDW crowd predictions for early June significantly increased in late May. Would like to ask Fred if he has any reason to believe that current Universal crowd predictions for 6/5/16 - 6/11/16 will be adjusted upward?

Paging @fred - there is a call for you on the white courtesy phone. :wink:

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In short, no. Universal crowds have been fairly stable recently although the Mardi Gras concerts are proving more popular than usual this year for some reason. I like our numbers for June but that doesn’t mean they won’t change. A lot can happen between now and then.

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Thank you for replying.

I was there 6/4-6/9 last year. Crowds hovered between a 5-7. It felt crowded mid day Harry Potter, otherwise, with express pass we felt like we owned the joint!

Looking at last years June numbers they are significantly higher than 2016’s… (7/8 vs 4/5). Is there a reason why the crowd levels are expected to be so much lower in 2016? We just moved our 15-22 June trip to the end of May beginning of June to take advantage of the lower crowds (as we were apparently going to miss Skull Island anyway) - now looking at June 2015 Im wondering if I made the right call!

We are @ RP with Express Pass and a Flex + Ticket.

Anyone? TP Mods?

if u have Epass I wouldn’t worry about planning. Just get to HP first thing and then do what you want when you want. Track wait times on LINES and extrapolate Epass times. I figured Epass was usually 1/3 of whatever the wait was - somelines MUCH less.

I agree with @davidtyost. Express Pass will make everything sooooo much easier. And if you are planning on spending even half of that time you listed in the parks, you should be absolutely fine. We were there last year the week leading up to July 4 and we only had a total of two full days and we saw almost everything and rode multiple rides more than once.

Universal does the whole Express pass right!!

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