Crowd predictions for late Aug 2022

The TP Crowd Calendar predictions show all the parks with very low crowd levels (like 1 for HS on Mon and 1 for MK on Tue) when we are there 8/21-8/30/22. …which would pretty much eliminate the need for G+ or LL, other than for ROTR.
This can’t possibly be true, right?

Well that’s how it was in 2019, the last normal year:

So even less crowded than the last time we went in Aug 2018. Our crowd levels were not high, but they were definitely not at level 1.
If it is actually that low, we won’t need to have G+
Seems to good to be true

A lot of kids return back to school by then. It used to be that most schools waited until after labor day to start, but that seems less and less the case. It probably helps with crowd levels.

I have friends who go at this time every year, dead because southern schools start Mid Aug. Our district in PA never starts before Labor Day, so we’re considering a trip at this time—although I realize we may burst into flames!

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Not sure fall of 2019 was not a normal year either lol. The last week of august was when they opened galaxys edge with just MFSR opened and had all those early entries at every park spreading the crowds out even more. We were there in early sept…rediculous how uncrowded it was more so than any other year at that time we experienced. Like eerie. Everyone avoided the parks like the plague i think because they were so scared of crowds or postponing until ROtR opened in dec. We loved the uncrowded parks we rope dropped HS at 6am with us and a few other people! Loved it so much we went back again in Oct. I am sure you will still benefit from lower crowds then but not sure those 2019 crowd levels will be replicated again.


Oh. I just remembered. There was Hurricane Dorian approaching Florida during this time period, which scared a lot of people away as well.


We went during this week in 2021. You’ll still have some wait times due to Eastern schools still being on summer break. It was extremely hot & humid of course, so even a 20 minute wait for TT can be oppressive. I’d still get Genie Plus. (I was wishing they had FPP last August.)

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2018 was also very light:

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Forgot about that too. Still a great time to visit I think if you dont mind the oppressive heat. We are planning a 2023 and 2024 trip in late august for the generally low crowd levels. While I know we likely cant create a 2019 level again I am happy with 2’s or 3’s. Now that we have been there many times we feel comfortable leaving for a long mid day break and returning later in the evening. Even if that means we can not get everything done. Genie+ may come in handy for that time of year for sure.

We have gone this same week in 2016 and 2018. I try to structure the plan so we don’t melt. Usually a mid-afternoon ADR to cool off (we rarely rope drop, it requires me to be a drill sargent which isn’t fun for anyone).

We will likely have similar 2-5 level crowds which is great; I was just shocked when I was creating my TPs and have HS at a 1 Mon, MK 1 Tue, AK 1 Wed, EP 1 Th, MK 1 Fri, HS 2 Sat, EP 3 Sun, AK 3 Mon.

We will be happy either way! It’s been waaay too long for this girl.

We went 8/27-9/1 in 2021 and it was a level 1 crowd every day. Pretty much walked on to all of the rides (sometimes we were asked if we wanted to get back on the ride immediately after exiting). We are planning to go back during the same time this year. Highly recommend!

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In 2021 FL was having a covid surge the month before so people canceled their plans. We were scheduled to go, but since i didn’t know if things would get better or worse I canceled 30 days out for a full refund.
We went the same week 2019 and debated cancelling because we didn’t want to get up in star wars crowds. It ended up being amazing and our return was delayed due to hurricane Dorian