Crowd prediction increases in late August

Just saw the increase in the crowds predictions for the third week in August. What gives? Historically, this week and the weeks to follow show a big drop off in crowds due to the fact that summer vacation in the southern states ends. Does anyone have any insight into the increase?


There are several posts on the TouringPlans Blog ( that discuss the recent Crowd Calendar changes.

I am traveling the 17th-22nd and saw the same thing… im just going to deal with it and follow the TP as best as possible :slight_smile:

I looked at the blog for your article about the third week of August 2015 and I could not find anything. Is there any chance this two digit increase could be wrong?

Check out - it discusses a lot of the recent changes.

Also check out - it gives an indication of what the changes actually mean in terms of a touring plan.

Same here. No worries. Any day not in work is a good day!

Thanks. My search was “August”, the last post was 2014 and earlier - I looked at crowd levels for my weeks the last two years - but no new blogs; and, never a crowd level of 9. I did see the second link you have provided. Thank you.

I was not thrilled about this. I planned my vacation week based upon the crowd calendar. I would have went the following week if I knew this. Many of my days went from 5 to 8. To add insult to injury had I known this in February I would have went the following week and ended up with free dining

We’re going Aug20-31, was very surprised to see the increase. Actually was thinking of moving the trip to the next week. Too much planned now to do that plus we have a family wedding Labor day weekend. Kinda bummed out about it. (Not the wedding…the crowd level increase)

EXPLAINED: Florida school students have traditionally reported back to school two weeks before the US Labor Day holiday. This year, Labor Day comes late in September, so the traditional two value weeks with low crowd attendance at the end of August is pushed back a week to the last full week of August into the beginning of September.

The only thing I cannot figure out for the life of me is why Monday, August 24th is showing as an 8 for the Magic Kingdom. By all rights, this should be no higher than a 6 for the first day back to school, unless, for some reason, there is an event or some schools go back on the 25th…?

Anyone know how this may affect Labor Day weekend? Hoping those numbers haven’t changed!

My daughter return to Florida Atlantic University on 8/17, so not all schools in Florida have this week off.

The Touring Plans Crowd calendar was updated - all dates - so if you did not see a change for Labor Day Weekend (yet) then it stayed the same. Yet = twice a year they change all the crowd levels we are monitoring. Unconfirmed by @Fred - This time not only included an actual head count impact on ride lines - but also a change to the definition of each crowd level.

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