Crowd Prediction for 2016 Food & Wine Festival

I see that the dates for the 2016 W&D half marathon are set but the dates for the F&W Festival are still TBD. Does the crowd tracker currently reflect the crowds usually associated with the F&W Festival or will it not take them into account until the dates are confirmed? I’m wondering if the crowd levels may go up once the dates are set.

i went to F&W for the first time in 2015. Unfortunately, I could only attend on the weekend. The crowd at Epcot was manageable until I started to walk around the world. It was very crowded and I will never go again on the weekend. I’m someone who usually has to travel during peak times such as Easter. I found these crowds to be worst during F&W than during a holiday week.

If your going to F&W, I’d go during the week.

Interested in this as we are making our first fall trip this year - from what I understand the CLs are based on attraction wait times and so are not particularly influenced by the food and wine festival. General advice on food festival is to avoid Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday afternoon as these times attract the locals.

The Food & Wine Festival is a popular event, so it can have affect on wait times, both on Epcot and at other parks. Although the duration has varied a bit, the Festival has covered the same general time period for years, The 2016 crowd calendar reflects the historical trends surrounding the Food & Wine Festival, and that’s probably the best anyone can do for now.

Also, the Crowd Calendar only reflects attraction wait times between 10 AM and 5 PM, so it does not try to predict anything about lines at Food & Wine booths or the hordes or folks on the walkways of World Showcase. As others have said, if you want to enjoy the Food & Wine Festival, crowds will be much more manageable for an early lunch on a weekday (World Showcase generally opens at 11:00 AM) than at 8:00 PM on a Friday night.