Crowd levels

Hello. I’ll visiting Disney after Thanksgiving. We are planning to hit MK on Sunday Nov 25 on the day of a Mickeys Christmas party. The crowd indicator reads level 3 for MK. Is that during the day or during the party? We will not be attending the party but would like to enjoy low wait times during the day! Any input would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

During the day. If you are ok with the park closing at 6pm for the party, it is a great day to visit MK.

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That is the daytime crowd level. A lot of people avoid MK on party days because it closes early. The morning is a good time to tour there on those days.


Awesome. Thanks!

Similarly, our MNSSHP day (Oct 28) the crowd level is a 1! O-N-E! We have party tix, but think we’ll probably rope drop MK that day too, to see what a ‘1’ really looks like. Ha!