Crowd levels vs. Extra Magic Hour: help with park planning

We are planning a trip for our Spring Break Week. We will not have Park Hoppers. I have schedule my ADR’s so that plans can be changed slightly. Please help me decide which days to visit which parks. We are a group of 6 with stroller and ECV in tow. Here is tentative schedule:
Day1: HS (CL:6 and EMM), Day2: EP, Day3: MK (CL: 7), Day4: Rest, Day5: AK(CL:6), Day6: MK(CL:8 with EMM).
I could swap Day1, Day5 and Day6, so that CL at MK is back down to 7, but I would loose both EMH in the morning at HS and MK. So I am just wondering which would be better, EMH for two separate mornings or lower CL?

The general rule of thumb is that EMH are only worth it if you can take full advantage of them. So, if you will be at the parks for RD on those days, then I would go with your current schedule, If not, then swapping for lower CL would make more sense.

Make sure you are not mixing up EMM with EMH for the MK day. Just throwing that out there.

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ok. Great! Thanks for the advice! We are staying at BLT, so I am pretty sure we could make it to the EMH at MK, but I don’t know that we would make it for RD at HS.

Oh yes. That’s right, I should have put EMH, not EMM. Thanks!