Crowd levels over July 4th week


We are considering a trip to WDW the week of July 4th 2017. The crowd tracker projects level 10 crowds on the 4th so we plan to just hang out at the resort that day. But the days before and after don't look that bad which is in part why we are looking at that week. But when I check some other sites that whole week is marked in the highest crowd categories. Anyone have any personal experience 4th of July week in previous years? Will it be miserably crowded even at the resorts on a level 10 day?

July 2017 Crowds

We went over 4th of July 2016 and it wasn't bad. We didn't do the parks on the 4th but the 3rd at magic kingdom wasn't too bad. I honestly didn't think the crowds were any worse than the ones we experienced at the end of September 2016. We are actually going again this coming summer from 7/1 - 7/9.


I arrived on June 28th two years ago and crowds were great! Do not miss MK fireworks!


Or first big trip in 2010 was 6/26-7/2. HS on 7/1 was what we still recall as our least fun park day to date but otherwise the week was amazing. We were armed with a good touring plan


Thanks! that's encouraging!


We had the same question. This resource says the clouds will be low, but all others say that they will be a 10/10. We are going to still book it, but stick to the touring plans and stay off site on the 4th.


We always go at that time and will be there July 1-10 again next year. We've always enjoyed that week. Use a TP and taking afternoon breaks helps. It's busy but usually no refurb going on and park hours are long.


We have visited over the 4th and the day before and after are pretty busy, but the rest of the week was not too bad, just regular summer crowds. I would avoid MK the 3rd and 4th, but the other parks are pretty manageable.


That's interesting because several folks suggested we go to MK on the 3rd because it isn't nearly as crowded as the 4th but they have the special fireworks. Is that not what you have found to be the case?


I would not miss those fireworks. They are 360 fireworks so they are best experienced in the hub area. Yes, it will be crowded but do not miss them!


Thanks! I didn't realize the 360 part and that will change our viewing strategy for sure.


Do you think Zika will have any effect on crowds for summer 2017? My wife works for CDC (center for disease control) and says Zika will be in Florida this year and will be worse in the South Eastern US than last year.