Crowd levels on MNSSHP day?

Good morning everyone,
I have a late august trip with DH and DD8. I am considering moving a MK park reservation from a Sunday to a Friday so we can enjoy lighter crowds. We wouldn’t go to MNSSHP on that Friday but book HoopDeeDoo review @6:15 so we would basically avoid the crowd build up starting around 4pm. What do you think? Would you keep the MK day and park reservation on Sunday or change it to Friday like I am considering to? (The 2nd day would be HS).

Thank you!

Yes! Daytime crowds will be lighter due to the party and you will feel the incoming party crowds right when it’s time to head to hoop. We are doing this exact scenario in august!


Thanks! Now I just have to grab that HDDR reservation :slight_smile:

Are you after Aug 19 with us?

Yes. That is the date :slight_smile:
Staying at YC. We have tickets for the MNSSHP on aug 23rd.

Keep me posted after ADR day-we may have a hoop de liner meetup!

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Crowds will be light, or have been in the past, on a party day. Pre-covid in August 2018, DH and I did MK on a party day and didn’t even have to use our FP’s because lines were so short. We were there from August 29-Sept 3 which was Labor Day weekend, with a few days before.

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