Crowd levels @ MVMCP

Hi all, I am new to this. :slight_smile:

Question regarding the crowd levels @ MVMCP. TP ranked the dates for their relative crowd (from 1 to 21). How does this translate to the typical 1-10 crowd level? There will be 5 parties while we are in WDW but the 2 days work better has 13 and 15 ranking. I am not sure exactly how crowded they will be compare to say 7/8 ranking. Can anyone please help me figuring it out?

Thank you!

The parties are capped at 20 to 25,000 people, far less than half of an average day at the Magic Kingdom (around 54,000 last year). I doubt you’d see anything higher than the equivalent of a crowd level 3 for any of the parties, even Halloween.


I think I’d agree - we’ve done MVMCP on various days of the week and I think even dates that would rank as the most crowded as far as the party is concerned is still in line with a low crowd level day at the park.


Do note that from 4-7PM it may be much more crowded as the party goers start to arrive while the regular ticket holders are still in the park. After 7 when it’s just party guests changes the equation. Another factor is there are no fastpasses so ride queues are much more continuous. Buzz was an amazing experience as a continuous loader with no FP+ to stop the flow. Just constant movement and before you know it you’re shooting up Zurg…


Thank you all! Now I don’t feel too stressed out. :slight_smile: