Crowd Levels- MLK Weekend

Well…I had 5 on my Calendar for yesterday (1/15) for Magic Kingdom…and it was every bit of a 10, as confirmed by touringplans. Any theories?

I think long weekends are easier for families to take children out of school. My district has a 4 day weekend because of professional development days as well.

I just figure that they would account for that in their algorithm. I came to WDW last April too- Level 6 projections were 10’s everyday, and the subsequent response in the next weeks analysis seemed indifferent, and without any explanation. Either this system works or it doesn’t. They always are very diligent about taking my $15 though…I do know that system works.

Hi! I think I responded to this yesterday, and I was told that TP is correct 78% of the time with their predictions. I was surprised. I will even see a 2 that’s a 10. Some defend why it was so crowded all the time, yet never why x, y, or z wasnt perhaps taken into consideration. A swing an a miss is a swing an a miss. I would be wrong as well if I were predicting human behavior.

It seems that Florida resident blackouts (and when they are lifted ) have had an impact. I always plan for massive crowds and and surprised if it is a 5 or 6.

HA! Yeah, I guess I wish everyone was right all the time just like me (sarcasm). I know everyone is doing their best. Maybe I’ll get this place figured out one day!

I remember when I first started looking at TP and the app it had a green dot next to the recommended park. I always felt I was in the wrong park when I went by that. I thought the whole world would look at TP and end up in the same park. Now, I just plan my dates and what I want to do. I know many people will think I am crazy but I look at the CL predictions maybe once while planning? I guess they are on my dashboard too- but so is a weather prediction and I do not pay any attention to that either. I find great value in other tools: reservation finder, room view and every once in a while I use the fax, menus - but most importantly the info I get from liners.

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This is me as well. The crowd level predictions have been off for years, especially at Disneyland where I go as much if not more than WDW. Now we just go when we can, and don’t worry about the predictions. Pick your park based on what works for your schedule, not because TP says it will be a 5 and all other parks are a 7. You will only be disappointed, I’m afraid.

Again, same here. I pay for the info I get from liners on chat and forum as well as the other things mentioned above. It is so liberating to plan based on what we want to do and park hours, and ignore what the supposed crowd level will be. Try it! :smile: