Crowd levels in March

Well, our trip is coming up relatively quickly. We’ll be in WDW from Mar 10 to 15. Does anyone think there will be changes in the predicted crowd levels for that week? DHS goes from a 3 to an 8 on the Thurs to the Fri. What strategy should I take for that?

Yes, there will be changes - TP almost always does updates as you get closer to the dates in question. Might go up, might go down, might be a mix, who knows.

Don’t go to HS on Friday? Seriously, I’m not quite sure what you are asking here. Is there a reason you have to go to HS on Friday and you are looking for a way to better cope with the crowds?

I meant that I was planning to go to DHS on the Thursday, which is a CL3. But then I looked and it said the Friday is a CL8. That 3 is just looking too good to be true. So I guess my question is… can I trust it to be a CL3 in a week with a range of higher CLs? I have to start planning my FPPs and, if I’m honest here, a few ADRs, if they’re still available.

I presume Fri is EMH as HS? Do you have hoppers?

No park hoppers. No, Sunday is the EMH day for DHS. Friday is the MK EMH day. I think it’s because it’s the Friday. That week is our Spring Break and it’s the start of “spring break season”.

So do I risk setting that Thurs as my DHS day at CL3? Or the Wed is a CL4 at DHS.

I’ve put my HS & AK days later in my trip to increase our chances of getting a FPP for SDD and FOP, is that a consideration? Can you get the ADR’s you want on both days. If no other factors then take the CL3 day. I don’t trust CL’s as I find they change so much.

Yeah, that’s my fear. Last July, when I started planning this trip, the CL for DHS was much higher, so I was going to make that my MK day. When it changed to a 3, that changed all my plans, but I worry that I’m shooting myself in the foot by relying on it too much. The reality is, it will be busy, but if there’s a chance for a lower day in a park, I feel like I should take it. AK is listed as a 4 on the Tues, Wed and Thurs, which was my other concern.

We’re off site, so we only have a 30 day window for FPPs, so my chance of getting SDD or FOP are nil to miracle only, but the other FPPs are a concern, too.

I know of no reason to not trust it, other than it looks odd. But the again, there are lots of other times when WDW CLs seem odd. :slight_smile:

However, if you want to avoid the risk of the Thursday CL3 being an error, you could go to MK or EP, as their CLs are at lows for your vacation period and they only go up by 1 on Friday.

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You might be lucky getting a FPP if you check multiple times per day but I would plan very early starts for your AK & HS days. Disney has been releasing day of FPP’s, check out the latest episode of Backside of magic.

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