Crowd levels for the weeks after Thanksgiving 2021, are they accurate?

Hi Everyone! I’m contemplating a trip for the week after Thanksgiving, which has historically been low(ish) crowds. The TP crowd calendar still echo’s that for this year, but, with the 50th Anniversary, do you think that all bets are off with the crowd predictions? I know it’s probably anybody’s guess, but, I’m just wondering if anyone has any insight! Thanks in advance!!

I’ve been monitoring all of the Touring Plans Apps (WDW / DLR /UO) over the last few months by making plans and monitoring how accurate they are. I do this by looking at the MDE App and comparing what the TP Lines app says the Posted / Actual and Reported wait times are. At WDW they’ve been highly accurate - if not even lower.

I typically suggest not replying on the CL numbers for any trip until 45 - 30 days in advance. However, with how well / accurate TP has been lately, I’d trust that number.