Crowd Levels for Pop Warner week

We just returned from our first trip and promptly booked our second :smile:
We have booked for December 4 - 10 2016, but I’ve just found out that coincides with Pop Warner week.

Do the crowd levels listed on this site reflect the hoards of teams that will be there?

Does anyone have any experience with being at the parks during PW week? I have heard that the congestion is often times felt more in the resorts than in the parks themselves.

I’m nervous that we’ve planned our dates poorly so I’d love to hear anyone’s first hand experience with this.

TIA :slight_smile:

I haven’t been there during that week, but from the reports that I’ve read here there is more of an impact at the resorts where they are staying than in the parks themselves.

This far out, take the CL predictions as very general guidance. Another option would be to look at the “actual” CLs during this past year’s PW week.

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Good idea. I’m going to go and see if I can find the actuals. Thanks!

We’ve been there a number of times during Pop Warner, and I’ve never seen a noticeable difference in crowds in the parks. Still relatively light.

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We were there for Pop Warner week last year (2015) and didn’t notice much PW crowd in the parks themselves. I noticed them more at the airport waiting for the Magical Express than anything. If you were staying in a Value Resort, it might affect you greatly, but other than that I wouldn’t worry about it. Early December is a great time to go IMO.

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